Operation Endgame

Operation Endgame

Think about (y)our next move

What will be (y)our next move?


Welcome to The Endgame.

International law enforcement and partners have joined forces. We have been investigating you and your criminal undertakings for a long time and we will not stop here.

This is Season 1 of operation Endgame. Stay tuned. It sure will be exciting. Maybe not for everyone though. Some results can be found here, others will come to you in different and unexpected ways.

Feel free to get in touch, you might need us. Surely, we could both benefit from an openhearted dialogue. You would not be the first one, nor will you be the last.

Think about (y)our next move.



Press release

Several botnets dismantled in largest international operation

During a joint action by international law enforcement agencies and judicial authorities several botnets that played a key role in cybercrime were dismantled. Four arrests were made and sixteen premises were searched worldwide over the past few days. Additionally, eight summons were served against suspects. Many national and international organisations in the public and private sectors also played an important role in this operation.

The operation enabled us to simultaneously take down these botnets and disrupt the infrastructure used by cybercriminals. Botnets are used for different types of cybercrime, for example ransomware. The dismantled botnets consisted of millions of infected computer systems.

Many of the victims were not aware of the infection of their systems. The estimated financial loss these criminals have caused to companies and government institutions amounts to hundreds of millions of euros.

This large-scale action is called Operation Endgame.

Operation Endgame does not end today. New actions will be announced on this website.

If you have information about the suspects in Operation Endgame, feel free to contact us